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Vertrouw niet blindelings op informatie verkoopbrochure

To add insult to injury in the Netherlands a house was sold with a description (referring to a recent renovation) 10 years old. And because of a disclaimer at the bottom, the judge considered the sale as legit!


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Universities must be ‘held accountable’ for law grad oversupply

Oversupply of law diplomas is a fact that I personally had foreseen and criticised years ago when I was graduating.

I’m glad to see higher political ranks have eyed this matter. Turnbull in Oz claimed the onus should pend onto univerisities for allowing undue number of students to enroll for law.

Other than draining workforce, it is not allowing an efficientl allocation of human resources into sectors lacking employees.


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Force Majeure

Helpful reminder and checklist for your Force Majeure clauses.

for example, make sure you don’t forget:

  • Flexible notice provisions ( instead of a specific number of days),
  • A notice based on knowledge of the Force Majeure circumstance
  • A standard wording like “any other cause beyond the party’s control”, and
  • A pre-set deadline by which the Force Majeure circumstance can lead to (even partially) terminate the whole contract.

Folowing are some tips on communication, administration management and the like.