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Law firms/gender pay gap: disparity clarity

Based on the recently-enacted UK law, companies based in the United Kingdom with 250 or more employee must issue their gender-gap report every year, granted.

What’s less clear is the kind of data analysed: in this FT article, law firms allegedly didn’t include partner-level employee in the final overview, which inclusion would have widened the gap THREE times.

Eg. Clifford Change would have gone from 20% to 66%, Linklaters from 23% to 60% and A&O from 20% to 60%. Moreover, Freshfields from 14% to 56%.


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1. More detailed consent and broader legitimate interest

Yet consent doesn’t necessarily need to be written anymore + legitimate interest to be assessed by the data controller

2.Longer privacy information notice, but multi-layer

storage period needs to be expressly mentioned.

3. Reinforced rights with the novelty of the data portability right

right to be forgotten gets emphasized.

4. New obligations for data processors, while the need to appoint the persons in charge of the data processing remains

data processors can now appoint sub-processors + while data processors bear liability towards the data controller on behalf of their sub-processors, the exceptions arises when “it proves that it is not in any way responsible for the event giving rise to the damage“.

5. Need to adopt an accountability program

6. No major change for transfers of data outside the EEA