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Raad van State: Whats­App en SMS-be­rich­ten op za­ke­lij­ke én pri­vé­te­le­foons zijn te ‘wob­ben’

Think twice before texting officials in the Netherlands. (As in many other countries) these can be issued in the public domain.


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The Netherlands Commercial Court officially opened!

On 1/1/2019 the NCC opened up with lots of perks:

  • language: English, form A t oZ;
  • based on Dutch justice system (allegedly ranked 5th best in the world);
  • very quick (130days in average from A to Z);
  • fixed fee (E15k);


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California Consumer Privacy Act: The Challenge Ahead – A Comparison of 10 Key Aspects of The GDPR and The CCPA

Similarities (and differences) across the EU GDPR and the CCPA around Geographical scope, entities subject to these laws, personal data definition, notice requirements, access+portability rights, deletion and opt-out rights, processors-service provider(s) relationship, consent and enforcement.