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New blog!

Dear readers,

if any of you has a genuine interest in financial markets, investing and trading, I’ve recently launched a new blog under WordPress to narrow down the relevant financial news of the main stocks and indexes in the world.

You can find the blog here: https://marcostradingtips.wordpress.com/

I apologise in advance for the mispellings, typos and errors; due to time shortage, I need to have the document translated into English online, so please don’t bother those mistakes here and there.

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14 interview questions that reveal the candidate’s true character

1. When were you excited about your work? aka what motivates this candidate? Does it align with the job description?

2. What major mistakes from your past do you not regret? Does the candidate recognize the importance of messing up?

3. What’s your favorite movie? Chemistry matters and if not a movie, maybe a book or music.

4. What’s a misconception people have about you? Does the candidate understand how he/she comes across to other people?

5. How happy are you in your current job? Does the candidate talk negatively about his/her work environment or current employers/colleagues?

6. If you weren’t interviewing for this role, is there another role here you’d be interested in? is the candidate lookin for to getting their foot in the door or is he/he really passionate about this role?

7. If I were to ask your current boss what your greatest strengths are, what would he or she say? Check if the canddiate is bragging.

8. If I were to ask your current boss what you do that drives him or her crazy, what would your boss say? Check weaknesses or idiosyncrasies.

9. Do you have any fears about this position or work environment? IThe candidate risks being too cocky or confused about what you are asking.

10. Describe the boss who would get the very best from you. Just liten and check.

11. Tell me about a time you had to be especially bold or honest in a work situation, despite the potential risk. Very interesting.

12. Let’s assume you take this job, and one year from now you go home after work feeling like this was the best decision of your life. Check the candidate’s unstated expectations or dreams.

13. Describe a time you were asked to do something you didn’t know how to do. Is the candidate resourceful or does he needs persisten guidance?

14. Tell me about a time a boss asked you to do something you didn’t agree with, and how you responded. Check interpersonal skills and ability to navigate conflict.


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Uber’s London Private Hire License Revoked by Transport Body

Still surprised they managed to have one license. The reason of the non-renewal of it is their “approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility.”

Among the reasons see the greyball, the bribery scandal in Asia, the lawsuit with Google (Waymo) for theft of proprietary information and its gender-discrimination policy.