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The SEC and Whistleblowers: A Spotlight on Severance Agreements

The SEC looks like is going to grant protection to whistle-blowers more and more by drawing, in this case a clear line between Trade Secret agreements and restrictive Severance Agreements.


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Less is more: Competition Authority publishes report on taxi regulation

First attempt to sort out the chaos dictated by the entry into the market of new players like Uber.

As for Pricing, restriction lies on safe grounds but more competition on prices is welcome.

As per Quality and Security, I think the Portuguese authority has wholly missed the point. While new players may (potentially) take more care in the quality and reputation, this does not mean that the random new drivers are safe-minded and not criminals, while the safe does not work for numbered and licensed taxis.


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Stealth plan to sell UK patient health data

If that happens to be true, that’s scary as well: despite all the Privacy storm that hit Europe and the upcoming Regulation (no Directive anymore, watch out), this cannot be the case anymore.

More information to the patients, right to opt-out, stark oversight and high standards of safety are the right means.

I’ll just leave it here: the AORTA Network in the Netherlands took years to be approved and it was well beyond this NHS network in terms of quality.