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Re-writing the copyright rulebook: analysing the European Commission’s copyright reform proposals

#1 ISPs may be required to deploy measure to check each user’s content as they could potentially bear liability (the ifnal user would be paying for that, anyway)

#2 Youtube&MediaBros will have to roll out reports on how IP rights are being used (damaging contractual principles and business stability).

#3 Publishers of press publications will be able to license their articles  for 20 years anc can charge whoever reproduces them (Google research will suffer from it). Will criticism and review rights survive this legal wave?

#4 new copyright exceptions: (A)  text and data-mining (B) Online education and (C) for the preservation of cultural heritage -museums-.

#5 the already-known cross-border accessibility of digital broadcasting services (to apply also to the Marrakech Treaty content)





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