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Uber loses right to classify UK drivers as self-employed

Liberal and capitalistic UK gives a low blow to UBER.
This new ruling will implicate payment of retirement contributions, health insurance, overtime, minimum wage and holiday pay to name a few.
This blow comes after Khan (the new London mayor) imposed all taxi dirvers to pass a written Engllish language test.

On the self-employment thread, the government ‘s best guess is that arounf 460k people are falsely delcared as self-employed, thus dodging around £314m yearly in taxes and has hence launched a six-months programme to review labouring practises in UK.

Current average hourly pay is 5£ per hour (against the minimum salary is 7,5£ per hour in UK).

What did Uber say? That it’s not a transport company (wait, didn’t they just developed self-driving cars and trucks to transport people and goods?) but an IT Company.The judges slammed them down for deploying “fictions in its documentation, twisted language and even brand new terminology”.

If you are a start-up fancily matching demand and offer for human labour but denying employment relationship, please re-consider your busines model.




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