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Latin Legal Terms of Art.

Nice array of websites to browse legal terms.
From my experience, the closer a jurisdiction to Latin heritage, the higher the use of Latin Terms; on the other side, the further, the higher the resort to Germanic lingo.

The Researching Paralegal

While most legal writing scholars favor plain language and elimination of legalese and Latin words and phrases, there are some well-recognized – and often used – Latin legal terms of art. Some examples include stare decisis, per curiam, certiorari, res ipsa loquitur, ad hoc, mens rea, et alia, in rem, in personam, inter vivos, nolo contendere , and prima facie.

If you intend to take one of the national paralegal exams for certification or registration or if you are a paralegal student, there are Latin terms of art you should know. -CCE

Duhaime’s Latin Dictionary

Latin Phrases and Expressions,

Legal Terminology Definitions

Latin Legal Phrases

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