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Europe’s top court could help Uber where Commission has failed

There is much at stake today (29/11/2016) at the Spanish Supreme Court. Favouring Uber may positively waterfall AirBnb, and similar members of the gig economy, let alone whether Google & Facebook can be ocnsidered media companies and not IT ones.

Allegedly the taxi side is supported by Spain, France and Ireland (a country that does not host Uber’s HQ), while on the SF company’s side we can see Netherlands (by coincidentce the country hosting UBer’s HQ and that may see it part away, Estonia -or better said E-stonia-, poland, Finland -where Uber is authorise,d provided it pay taxes-, Greece and the EU Commission.

On a similar note, the case in France has been withheld until next elections after fear of the populist Le Pen’s victory.




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