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Theresa May to fight 2020 election on plans to take Britain out of European Convention on Human Rights after Brexit is completed

Theresa is, allegedly, going nuts, once Brexit is finalised, the UK Government won’t be bound anymore to such rights and lots of crimes (including torture, murder and slavery) will not be punishable under anything else than Crime Law.


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German tax law changes and their impact on multinationals

New input from the Bundestag to harmonise German Law and the outcome of OECD’s BEPS.

CBC reporting will be mandatory for all German companies with at least one foreign parent/daughter company + duty to inform on agreement and binding rulings on  cross-border transactions, transfer pricing arrangements agreed with authorities among the others


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Stop Giving Your Team Unnecessary Work

Golden Management tip of the day: never overburden your team with undue work.

Although this may seem a “duh” tip,  there are still managers not auditing their team, assessing whether their work adds little value and therefore cause lots of inefficiencies (or, like economists would name them, wrong allocation of resources).

Therefore, boost information exchanges and make sure your team has all the necessary resources to face their tasks.


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Cassazione, il profitto giustifica il licenziamento

Italian highest court (Corte di Cassazione) just paved the way for having employees legally fired when an economic gain may (“in vista di”) lead to an economical benefit (but who checks the legitimacy of such consideration?).

Other than helping with firing people in critical economic conditions, has anyone considered that this ruling also allows employees to be replaced by A.I. and automated machines?

It’s no surprise that one of the topics that will need to be handled at the next elections (worldwide) is employment and replacement by software.


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How Facebook Learns About Your Offline Life

Scary how this company snoops on our data. Therefore I wonder:

  • will they hold accountability in case of cyber attack?
  • Can they count on sufficient cuber security?
  • how case there is not yet a Schrems bis?

Only methods to counterfight such abuses are:

  • installing ADBlockers. Facebook does not deny its services to such users and sales could be sensibly reduced. Only question is, who certifies the amount of ads displayed? The recent cases in FB videos would lead to that FB itself certifies its data.
  • installing cookies: the more you avoid being tracked, the less they know about you.


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Lawsuit: Uber Responds to Police Raids by Shutting Down, Encrypting Computers

Standard procedures for Uber in case of law enforcement raid entailed, allegedly, remotely encrypting computers and shutting the m down immediately.

Ward Spangenberg was Uber’s in-house forensic investigator in charge of handling these occurrences.

What Uber tried to define an obligation to protect coordinates (quite irrelevant to human investigators, in my mind), can be seen as obstruction to Law Enforcement.