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German Government Presents Revised Draft GDPR Implementation Bill

Bundesdatenschutzgesetz carried out some major changes:

  • change of purpose (to elaborate personal data)will be admissible in more cases than those listed in art. 6.2 GDPR
  • Right to be informed is reduced, when this carries a disproportionate effort or can affect the purpose of processing
  • a DPO is compulsory when at least 10 employees within a ocmpany are constantly engaged with processing personal data.
  • penalties for breach of the law can peak up to 300’00,00 Es.
  • Data Controllers and Data processors will gain additional obligations.


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Litigation funding in New Zealand

Litigation funding his gaining momentum in New Zealand too.

Yet, Courts are quite reluctant on them, also because there is no set of rules to regulate such phenomenon.

The two main cases (to date) are Saunders v. Houghton (where the Court accepted the third-party funding) and Waterhouse v. Contractors Bonding (where such feature didn’t go as smooth as planned).