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E-Privacy Regulation: A balanced approach for privacy and innovation?

A brief introduction from The Wonk on GDPR and the upcoming E-Privacy regulation.
First off, this EU Regulation has as primary purpose the bolstering of trust in internet privacy across Europe (otherwise GDP growth would be harnessed).

The core of the new legal framework is the following:

  • Consent from the user is key and it can be withdrawn any time (with the exception of prior scan on spam content etc, although the user is aware of that),
  • all communication data must be erased or anonymised, and
  • all consented content has to be treated as confidential information.

Also Cookies are a target of such regulation and since compliance in Europe may cost up to E 1,8b, browsers are now the easiest way to address the solution: these will be forced to integrate functionalities to target cookies and tailor user’s preferences.




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