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NHS accused of covering up huge data loss that put thousands at risk

Test results, treatment plans and further confidential information belonging to hundreds of thousands of patients may have gone lost from 2011 to 2016.


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Changing Compensation Strategies Put Partners Under Pressure

Extreme competition is the sign of the times, today, for law firms = grace periods are much shorter than in the past = partners are gaining more importance into bringing client and must also perform even better than in the past = remuneration for the top partners may be detrimental to the lower levels = one single weak year can destabilise a law firm very much = younger partners and associates may leave more quickly than ever.


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An ATAD2 (anti Tax Avoidance Directive 2) has been agreed on 21/2/2017 to replace the ATAD1 to tackle hybrid mismatch arrangements, but only between two (2) Member States. Whit this update, a Member State has to deny a deduction for the payment made to the hybrid entity, even if the participants of the entity are not in one of the Member States.


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The top 10 minute-taking best practices

If you are in charge of taking minutes, you’d better follow these tips:

1. Ask yourself, as you’re taking notes: “Will it matter in two days/weeks/months/?”

2. Summarize.

3. Do record motions word for word

4. Use keywords vs. sentences.

5. Keep emotions out of the minutes

6. Be an active listener. If you missed a motion, interrupt the meeting,or ask the person later on.

7. Reflect accurately the order of the discussion.

8. Switch to using your laptop for minute-taking.

9. Create bulleted lists.

10. Streamline your sign-in sheet. For example a template with three columns: (1) all staff and attendees. Attendees sign the second column and mark their arrival times in the third column.