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ICO Turns Spotlight on Data Broker Industry

EU GDPR means also tighter regulation of Data Broker (those companies you can find in newspapers for not acquiring always personal data in a transparent manner).

Purchasers of such data need to ask:

  • How and when was the consent obtained?
  • Who obtained it and in what context?
  • What method was used – e.g., was it opt-in or opt-out?
  • Was the information provided clear and intelligible? How was it provided – e.g., behind a link, in a footnote, in a pop-up box, or in a clear statement next to an opt-in box?
  • Did it specifically mention texts, emails, or automated calls?
  • Did it list organisations that would be provided the information by name or by description, or was there consent for disclosure to any third party?
  • Is the seller a member of a professional body or accredited in some way?

Moreover, Data brokers:

  • Bear responsibility for ensuring that individuals have been adequately informed about how their personal data is handled, and
  • Cannot claim to sell lists of individuals who have consented to receive marketing texts, emails, or automated calls from particular organisations unless they have clear records of those consents.




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