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Boeterente vaak niet goed berekend

The Netherlands: a client who has engaged in a mortgage and wishes to pay back the whole amount in advance must not pay a penalty fee higher that the economic loss of the bank, so said the AFM (Dutch authority on Financial markets). Yet, many banks didn’t accurately and clearly calculated such fees.


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‘Data ov-chipkaart te grabbel’

Netherlands: the Tax Authority (“Belastingdienst”) can access the equivalent of the oyster card to check transports of citizens, since CCTV cameras cannnot be used for such purpose. Does it mean it is goign tooo far?


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How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers

Nice article with some consequences of this Act.

Firstly, consumers will be paid to be ripped off of their rights.

Secondly, as absurd as it may seem, whether personal information is shared by means of a call, protection and privacy will be accorded, while if it happens by means of a VoiP call, you’d end up being tagged and sold.

I foresee the folloowing consequences:

1- a New Telco that promises, engages into and abides to not sharing data could be the next big thing.

2- VPN, ADBlock and similar services will spike in usage.

3-Telcos can take the profits of your sales although I am less sure they can be very rigorous when reporting cyber breaches where consumers’ sensitive data is affected.