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13 office faux pas you’ve committed for the last time


1- do not complain about temperature at the office

2- avoid the “I won’t come 1 minute earlier than 9, I won’t leave 1 minute later than 5”

3- Repeting your ocunterparty’s name in a cionversation (potentially aggressive)

4- avoid the “please, remind me that (..)”

5- echoing gossip by twisting details. Do not favour false narratives

6- avoid the “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

7- do not interrupt people

8- overflowing people on Monday morning with your tales

9- cruel humour

10- being the one to walk faster than the others

11- do not write farewell cards in a too sqaured, nor too odd manner

12- avoid bothering IT. Try rebooting your pc first.


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Uber responds to critics with British benefit package for drivers

The show must go, so Uer announces that it preps up to contribute to injury and illness of its “partners” (technically “employees”, according to a British tribunal that ruled on this matter).

Too bad that:
– this won’t be available unless you’ve already had at least 500 rides,
– it won’t cover retirement contributions, and
– it doesn’t clearly say how much will Uber contribute.


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State of the Cyber Nation: UK Government Report on Cybersecurity Breaches

The UK gvmt issues this scary report on cyberbreaches and highlighted that:

-almost half of UK businesses experienced at least one data breach in 2016: 66% of medium-sized firms and 68% among large ones

-the main maneuvre involved fraudulent e-mails

  • only a bit more than a quarter of breached companies reported the attack(s).
  • only a third of companies have personal-data-encryption policies in palce