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13 office faux pas you’ve committed for the last time


1- do not complain about temperature at the office

2- avoid the “I won’t come 1 minute earlier than 9, I won’t leave 1 minute later than 5”

3- Repeting your ocunterparty’s name in a cionversation (potentially aggressive)

4- avoid the “please, remind me that (..)”

5- echoing gossip by twisting details. Do not favour false narratives

6- avoid the “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

7- do not interrupt people

8- overflowing people on Monday morning with your tales

9- cruel humour

10- being the one to walk faster than the others

11- do not write farewell cards in a too sqaured, nor too odd manner

12- avoid bothering IT. Try rebooting your pc first.




Contract Manager with a remarkable lust for legal and business knowledge

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