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“De preventiemedewerker krijgt in de nieuwe Arbowet een sterkere positie”

The Netherlands: all new contracts will be subjects to the following (while already pre-existing ones will have one year -1/7/2017 to 1/7/2018- to adapt-):

  • each company shall have a company GP
  • employees shall be able to demand (and obtain) a second comment from a different ocmpany-GP at the expenses of the employer
  • each GP must have a complain form available in case employees asks for one
  • upon breach –> penalties for the employer
  • employees shall be able to demand a GP visit even without the permission of the employer.


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Insurance Is the Hot New Way to Avoid Taxes

Plot: an investor wants revenues and no taxes to pay. He purchases a  private-placement life-insurance policy. The insurance company plans investments in alternative assets such as hedge funds, where profits are taxed as “capital gains”, but, since these involve an insurance company (subject to certain restrictions), the dough is tax-free.

Happy ending: No levies on death benefits


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How to write performance goals: 10 sample phrases

Management tip of the day: a dictionary of good manner on how to set goals without stepping into rudeness.8

To encourage initiative –> “Seek ways to assume responsibilities beyond your current job description.”

To require punctuality –> “Be on time for all meetings, which shows you respect your colleagues’ time.”

To foster a better attitude –> “Ensure that your tone, body language and other nonverbal cues convey the proper respect and attitude toward others.”

To improve communication –> “Anticipate what your manager will need to know, and provide that information.” For managers: “Keep team members informed of each other’s actions.”

To spur creativity –> “Build relationships among peers that foster collaboration and discussion of new ideas.”

To boost customer service –> “When we lose a customer, follow up to discover what we could have done differently.”

To nurture diversity –> “Appreciate the unique perspective, skills and experience that each person brings to the team.”

To improve planning –> “Begin projects by identifying all the resources required, including staff, funding, materials and other support.”

To promote better listening –> “Show by asking open-ended questions that you are engaged in conversations.”

To foster leadership –> “Discover the problems that prevent team members from performing at the highest possible levels.”


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Heks’nkaas: an appetising copyright matter

A Dutch producer is trying to copyright the taste of its cheese. Is it even allowed? Lancome managed, some years ago, to have a scent copyrighted (thanks also to a weak defense of the opposant).

The matter is now forwarded to the ECJ, in particular regarding these questiosn:

  • can a taste be copyrighted?
  • what are the requirements for the applicabilit of copyright protection?
  • would such protection apply to taste fair-and-square or to the recipe by which these were produced?


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Uber boss Travis Kalanick knew of stolen Google files

Waymo (read Google) states that the proprietary information is clear within Uber’s project.

Uber admitted that when Lewandowsky started its new role at Uber, he had 5 disks of information from Google.

Uber admitted its CEO knew about Lewandowsky bringing proprietary information to Uber, but still denies responsibility and alleges that Uber asked the engineer to desist from bringing such proprietary information.

Lesson of the day: however you are doing in a lawsuit, always deny.