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Court Stops Pokémon GO Litigation

US courts are becoming more European.

A plaintiff triggered a lawsuit in Florida against the company behind Pokemon Go (Niantic Inc.) since its T&Cs were “illusory, deceptive, unfair, and/or unconscionable”.

Such privisions gave Niantic the right to unilatrally modify the agreement, to edit or delete one users’s data and similar nice stuff.

Well, the court denied protection to the plaintiff, because:

  • he had not yet suffered a damage (good work on the prevention of it, anyway)
  • the applicable law was the one from California, which could not be unapplied in Florida.


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Webinar: What GDPR means for Broadcasters

Webinar from DLA PIper. If you are already familiar with the directive itself, I would suggest you to head to page 26 for some consequences in Marketing operations and page 33 for tips on how to develop workflow and processes.

Slide here.

Audio here.