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How to write performance goals: 10 sample phrases

Management tip of the day: a dictionary of good manner on how to set goals without stepping into rudeness.8

To encourage initiative –> “Seek ways to assume responsibilities beyond your current job description.”

To require punctuality –> “Be on time for all meetings, which shows you respect your colleagues’ time.”

To foster a better attitude –> “Ensure that your tone, body language and other nonverbal cues convey the proper respect and attitude toward others.”

To improve communication –> “Anticipate what your manager will need to know, and provide that information.” For managers: “Keep team members informed of each other’s actions.”

To spur creativity –> “Build relationships among peers that foster collaboration and discussion of new ideas.”

To boost customer service –> “When we lose a customer, follow up to discover what we could have done differently.”

To nurture diversity –> “Appreciate the unique perspective, skills and experience that each person brings to the team.”

To improve planning –> “Begin projects by identifying all the resources required, including staff, funding, materials and other support.”

To promote better listening –> “Show by asking open-ended questions that you are engaged in conversations.”

To foster leadership –> “Discover the problems that prevent team members from performing at the highest possible levels.”




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