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Don’t Let Data Walk Out the Front Door: 7 Security Measures for Preventing Data Loss When Employees Leave

Empoyees walking away are actually on of the first reasons for data leakage.

In the first place, access to such data should be carefully limited.

Then data-retention policies could also do.

Also, what about beefing up confidentiality agreements with employees?


  • stressing importance of not leaking such data, during exit interviews,
  • audit/track employees’ changes, to forecome potential issues.


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Réforme du Code du travail : les mesures paie

Working in France and still wondering about the new Labour reform?

  • the “indemnités de licenciement” (severance pay) will be lowered in requirements or removed,
  • i case of removal for no cause, there will be fixed minimum amounts to be paid to the (ex)employee, depending on his seniority,
  • heavy-work employees will cumulate points in a simpler manner,
  • the contribution due by employer who want to spread workers within France will be removed,
  • the direct and immediate income taxation will be effective 1 Jan 2019.


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E-mail Marketing at Your Peril

In the UK the ICo has since a long time established the principle of the opt-in principle (customers need to opt-in to Direct Marketing communication) with the only exception -opt-out – in the case of Marketing Communication related to the purchased product/services.

But what is considered as “Direct Marketing” exactly?

According to the UK regulator, whatver the purpose (promotional or not), everything can be considered promotional.
So far enforcemet has been quite loose, but its getting tightened now, looking at the recent cases.

In the recent Flybe decision, the compay sent an e-mail to consumers ensuring the correctedness of consumers’ data. Everything is fair, until the point where they offer to update e-mail preferences. This last bit was considered as Direct Marketing communication –> £70,000 penalty

On the light of the Morrisson case (similar circumstances to Flybe), penalty can vary according to the pool of users being contacted.