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Get Your Team to Follow Through After a Meeting

The managemetn tip of the day revolves on the importance of strengthening engagements after a meeting. Some tips may be:

  • ask each people if their burden of engagement looks unreasonable.
  • appoint someone to follow-up on the developments
  • then set a percentage of expected completion without exceeding in strictness.


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Dutch Commercial Court Act

The Netherlands as a growing-business country and The Netherlands as one of the first ones to set up comemrcial courts in English to serve multinationals.

What we know so far  is that:

  • the start date has been postponed – discussion in the lwoer chamber took place on 18th July 2017,
  • This new court will be lodged within the Amsterdam Court and the Dutch Commercial Court of Appeal,
  • The cassation procedure will be held in Dutch,
  • Staff will not be exclusively Dutch but composed of international experts able to master the English language,
  • Applicability of this Court will be subject to both parties agreeing to it while consumer-relate disputes won’t be accepted,