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Strop 400 miljoen dreigt voor Nederlandse staat: EU-hof maakt einde aan belastingvoordeel bedrijven

The Netherlands: the law allowing interest deduction on loans to sister companies in the Netherlands is contrary to EU principles, in that it discirminates against foreign entities.

The Dutch government has already a B plan, but this will cost 400+M.


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Unplug from Work by Focusing Your Brain on Something Else

Golden tip.

You know those times when you relaly have to recharge your batteries by taking distances from your work? Those times where even if you call it a day at 5/6 PM, you get home and still check your e-mails? These times where you set the goal to not check your e-mails?

It seems like setting a positive goal (e.g. doing a class/sport at X PM) helps more than setting a negative one.


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Universities must be ‘held accountable’ for law grad oversupply

Oversupply of law diplomas is a fact that I personally had foreseen and criticised years ago when I was graduating.

I’m glad to see higher political ranks have eyed this matter. Turnbull in Oz claimed the onus should pend onto univerisities for allowing undue number of students to enroll for law.

Other than draining workforce, it is not allowing an efficientl allocation of human resources into sectors lacking employees.