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Don’t Let One Person Dominate the Conversation in a Meeting

The golden management tip of the day on how to manage chatty colleagues and those being cut out from a meeting:

  • to avoid monologue, make clear upfront that you would want everyone to intervene and contribute;
  • if you’re interrupted, shoot a “(..)I wasn’t quite finished. I’d like to complete my comment, and then I’d love to hear your thoughts (..)”


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Do You Retain Enough of What You Read?

Management tip of the day: reading is not remembering.

To solve memory fatigue and efforts you can:

1- gett deeper into a topic for a longer time span, in order to get further familiar therwith;

2- take time to re-consider what you have just read. Think of titles, purpose and outcome;

3- take a break from reading; too much consuming may not be always efficient.