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Taking advantage of patient data

Golden article for the Healthcare people. Processing individual(s)’ health data will soon be subject to stricter requirements after enactment of the EU GDPR.
Consent must be given clearly, freely, explicitly, informed and must agree on all purposes. An additional one must be approved by the individual and this cannot be covered in advance.

Exceptions are:
– that of scientific reserch (given the impossibility to foresee all posisble studies),
– that of anonymised data (but the threshold is really high in EU: it must be absolutely impossible using the top-notch technology and a professional company’s resources), and
– to prevent public outcries.


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Proposed Changes to Singapore’s Data Protection Act

So the well-criticised EU privacy approach is spreading out to the rest of the world. Singapore leans now towards higher protection informaiton with the following steps:

  • In case consent is not materially obtainable, individuals must be notified aboutthe processing of their personal information,
  • Exception to consent will also include legan and commercial considerations: (A) consent is not desirable or appropriate to obtain or (B) is outset by general public interests,
  • breach notificaiton must be deployed (A) within 72 hours, (B) if there is a serious risk of disclosure of personal information and (C) towarsd the data-ownersand the PDPC (Singapore’s Privacy Authority).


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De arbeidsrechtelijke onderwerpen in het regeerakkoord

The Netherlands: last week, the government may have been finally composed and it has already tackled employment law with changes on:

  • the dismissal right –> dismissal grounds increased, as well as the compensation + transition fees to start from the first year and amounting to a third of the salary
  • flexibility –> the 6 months between fixed-contracts will be flexibilized + their maximum duration (prior permanent) will be 3 years (instead of 2) + maximum probation period (for permanent contracts, up to 5 months) + easier conditions for 0-hours contracts
  • the sick employee;
  • the self-employed (zzp’er).


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Leaders, Don’t Let Your Ideas Overpower Your Team’s

Another (golden) Management tip of the day: should a leader be a (bossy) leader or avoid imposing her/himself?

The answer lies in the middle, as for many things. Wear your manager hat during performance reviews and take it off when you don’t want to increase self-doubt within the team or favouring an image of yourself as the final answer to all the questions.