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What should GCs be doing to prepare their businesses for Brexit?

50 GCs team up with HSF to discuss the impact and the legal approaches to Brexit.


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Dutch lawyer warns companies against using British system for disputes

Dutch courts are less expensive, more tech-savvy and less burdensome then British courts when it comes to litigation.

Considering the uncertianty generated by rexit and the upcoming NCC (Dutch Commercial Court), as well as worldwide reputation and heuight in justive rankings and efficiency, why turning to UK courts?


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French financial regulators join forces to attract banking and financial institutions to France post-Brexit

The AMF and the ACPR have announced that investment firms, payment institutions, electronic money institutions and insurance firms, currently under the supervision of the ACPR and wishing to pursue their current activities in France, would be subject to a simplified and accelerated procedure to obtain authorisation in France.

An English-speaking case manager would be assigned to each firm, plus a dedicated e-mail address ( for investment firms, payment institutions, electronic money institutions and insurance firms to ask Brexit questions.