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Big data may become big antitrust concern

US regulators are picking up on their European counterparts.09


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What discount structures can a dominant firm use?European Court quashes €1.06 billion fine on Intel

The initial fine has been revoked by the EUCJ, when more throughfully reconsidering the following factors:

  • the extent of the undertaking’s dominant position;
  • the share of the market covered by the alleged restrictive practice;
  • the conditions and arrangements for granting the rebates, as well as their duration and amount; and
  • whether the rebates constituted a strategy aiming to exclude from the market competitors who were at least as efficient as the dominant undertaking – the ‘as efficient competitor’ (AEC) test.

Intel had been fined for abuse of dominant position for using rebates, conditional on customers purchasing all or most of their equipment from Intel.


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Exclusive: EU considers record fine as panel checks Google Android case – sources

After the hyper high penalty of $2,7b to Google, EU is preparing another bombshell which could top such amount for unfair practises through Android, teh smartphone system that pre-installs Google Play, Goole Search, Chrome and further Google services and demands an increasing amount of personal data.

Google’s feedback was that Android is an open source system that benefits both competition and comsumers.


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Concorrenza sleale, tra 10 giorni Uber diventa fuorilegge

Italy: following suit to Denmark, a tribunal in Rome declared the app (except UberEats) illegal too and to be stopped within 10 days for unfair competition. Each day of violation will cost the app E10’000,00.

Average taxis can only work in the city where the license has been provided and must comply to tariffs approved by the city.

While on one side I can’t be disappointed with the end to the gig economy and the abuse of freelancers/workers, on he other side I am wondering how long will it take to the government to overhaul the whole industry and avoid payments under the table by lots of taxis to dodge taxes.


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Mededinging: Commissie keurt besluit opnieuw goed en legt luchtvrachtbedrijven 776 miljoen EUR geldboeten op voor kartel met prijsafspraken

Cartel between Air Canada , Air France-KLM , British Airways , Cargolux , Cathay Pacific Airways , Japan Airlines , LAN Chile , Martinair , Qantas , SAS and Singapore Airlines.

After a first successful appeal on 2015 (for procedural error, although nothing had been ruled on the existence of the cartel). The Commission now repealed such fines without that procedural errors and fines are so distirbuted:

Fine leniency Discount
(EUR) *
Air Canada 21.0375 million 15%
Air France 182 920 000 20%
KLM 127 160 000 20%
Martinair 15.4 million 50%
British Airways 104 040 000 10%
Cargolux 79.9 million 15%
Cathay Pacific Airways 57.12 million 20%
Japan Airlines 35.7 million 25%
LAN Chile 8.22 million 20%
SAS 70.1675 million 15%
Singapore Airlines 74.8 million
Lufthansa 0 100%
Swiss International Air Lines 0 100%