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The Netherlands: Internet consultation on changes to dividend tax for Coop, BV and NV.

Last year, the Dutch government changed the taxation rules and remove the differences in dividend between Dutch cooperatives, private companies (B.V.) and public companies (N.V.)


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Interesting news from UK.

All companies with, at least 2 of these thresholds met on the last two balance sheet dates:

  • Turnover > £36 million
  • Balance sheet total > £18 million
  • 250+ employees on average

And all parent companies which satisfy the above and also, as a group, comply with, at least, 2 of these thresholds on the last two balance sheet dates:

  • Aggregate turnover is £36 million net (or £43.2 million gross)
  • Aggregate balance sheet total is £18 million net (or £21.6 million gross)
  • Aggregate employees are 250

Will have to report, from 6 April 2017 :

  • Descriptions of:
    • ‘standard’ payment terms ,including:
      • Contractual length of time for payment of invoices
      • Maximum contractual payment period
      • Any changes to the ‘standard’ payment terms in the reporting period and how suppliers have been notified or consulted on these changes
    • Dispute resolution process related to payment
  • Statistics on:
    • The average # of days to make payments from receipt of invoice,
    • % of payments in the reporting period within (i) 30 days or less, (ii) 31 to 60 days and (iii) 61 days or longer,
    • % of payments due in the reporting period which were not paid within agreed terms
  • Yes / No statements about:
    • the availability of supply chain finance and e-invoicing
    • existence of practices and policies to deduct sums from payments to keep the suppliers on the supplier list
    • membership with a payment code and the name of the code (if applicable)


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Reduced red tape in merger control proceedings

Hungary: merger control thresholds have been increased. Merger control clearance is now mandatory only if all involved undertakings record a Hungarian net turnover of more than Ft1 billion (approximately €3.2 million) in the preceding year.


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In Snap IPO, New Investors to Get Zero Votes, While Founders Keep Control

Founder & staff will retain 45% of stocks and 70% of deciding shares. Another stock to not waste your money on.


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New EU directive introduced for intra-company transfers

Intra-Corporate Transfers (ICTs) are employees transferred across Europe within the same corporate group ( year permit for trainees and 3 year for employees -not renewable and after which the employees must stay at least 6 months outside EU)); for these, the highly-skilled migrants benefits won’t apply anymore.


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This 6-months review by HSM provides nice insights into:

  • Corporate Law and Regulation
  • M&A
  • Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)
  • Listing Regime
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Stakeholder Reporting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive Remuneration

Within the UK.


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Wetsvoorstel bestuur en toezicht bij verenigingen en stichtingen

Minister Van der Steur (Veiligheid en Justitie) heeft op 8 juni 2016 een wetsvoorstel ingediend tot wijziging van de Wet bestuur en toezicht.

  1. Instelling van een toezichthoudend orgaan bij de vereniging en stichting.
  2. Een monistisch bestuurssysteem (met uitvoerende en niet-uitvoerende bestuurders) bij de vereniging en stichting.
  3. Een algemene tegenstrijdig belangregeling te opnomen in Boek 2

Het wetsvoorstel kunt wel al op 1 januari 2017 in werking treden.


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Goldman Sachs fined over use of confidential documents

Goldman Sachs allegedly used info obtained from a previously-FED employee to submit data to clients in 2014.


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SEC Proposes Rules to Require the Use of Universal Proxies Universal Proxy Cards Would Allow Shareholders to Vote by Proxy for Both Registrant and Dissident Director Nominees on a Single Proxy C ard in a Proxy Contest

further step to avoid personal physical presence at sharheolder’s meetings.