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Germany: as of 18 Jan the folowing Limitations to UAS (Drones) will apply

  • UAS < 0.25 kg –> operational restrictions and prohibitions, but no operation permits is requested.
  • UAS > 0.25 kg must be marked with name and address of the owner in a permanent and fireproof way.
  • UAS > 5 kg –> operation permit. The operators must provide evidence of their qualification to operate the UAS.
  • UAS ) 25 kg –> in principle prohibited unless case by case exemptions may apply.

Current limitations are:

  • going beyond the line of sight of the operator (drones < 5 kg),
  • higher than 100 meters height without the pilot’s aeronautical qualifications, and
  • UAS ) 0,25kg over residential properties must be equipped to receive, transmit or record optical, acoustic or radio signals.
  • droning over crowded areas, scenes of accidents or of natural disasters, in the vicinity of industrial installations, prisons, military installations or other critical infrastructures, over federal roads, waterways and railways, major protection zones, or in controlled airspace.