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New digital rights: employees’ right to disconnect

Spanish employees recently earned the right to disconnect from professional devices to protect their rest rights.


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Age Bias and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Case…

PWC on court accused of discirmination against older workers/applicants:

“PwC hires less than 5% of the 300,000 applicants who apply annually in US.

PwC hired 18% of the applicants who were under 40 to it’s tax and assurance business, while only hiring 3% of the candidates over 40.

Older workers claim that older workers are steered to part-time and seasonal roles are aren’t considers for the entry level roles the company lists as full time opportunities.”


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Uber drivers fails to convince the Fair Work Commission of employment relationship

Oz: the self-represented plaintiff argued that UK ruling should also be a standard in the lfipside.

Uber disagreed pointing out to its T&Cs clearly excluding any employment relationship and added that the plaintiff:

  • was not required to sport any Uber logo on the vehicle,
  • wasn’t required to wear any outfit, and
  • was required to bring its own gear (car), maintain it and pay for its insuranc eand additional costs.