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Some guidance on activities that typical pose some threats to private people’s privacy rights:

  1. Recruitment – use of social media during the recruitment process to investigate candidates,
  2. In-employment (or post-employment) screening regarding employees and their private life through the use of social media,
  3. Monitoring Information and Communications Technologies (“ICT”) usage in the workplace – trhis hsould be addressed in a Data Protection Impact Assessment,
  4. Monitoring ICT usage outside the workplace – e.g. into the domestic sphere through homeworking, remote working, “bring-your-own-device” policiesand so forth,
  5. Monitoring time and attendance,
  6. Video monitoring systems – employers can still reduce camera sizes to avoid monitoring the worker’s facial expressions;
  7. Monitoring vehicle usage – (e.g. tracking data about the location and driver behaviour),
  8. Disclosure of employee data to third parties, and
  9. International transfer of HR and other employee data – beware of cloud-based applications and services.


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“De preventiemedewerker krijgt in de nieuwe Arbowet een sterkere positie”

The Netherlands: all new contracts will be subjects to the following (while already pre-existing ones will have one year -1/7/2017 to 1/7/2018- to adapt-):

  • each company shall have a company GP
  • employees shall be able to demand (and obtain) a second comment from a different ocmpany-GP at the expenses of the employer
  • each GP must have a complain form available in case employees asks for one
  • upon breach –> penalties for the employer
  • employees shall be able to demand a GP visit even without the permission of the employer.


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Uber, per la Ue deve avere licenze come taxi e ncc

Finally a good news for fair employment in Europe! Uber is declared as a service equal to taxis and, therefore, subject to the same requirements and licenses, according to Maciej Szpunar, AG at the EUCJ after a lawsuit against Uber in Spain.

Once and for all, Uber is not a Tech commpany at all! It’s a transport commpany, therfore subject to its authorities and regulation.