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Verzekeraars sturen medische zoekgegevens door naar Facebook

The Netherlands: among the thousand implications of the Facebook model is that health insurers get to see the health-related searches of their users.


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Taking advantage of patient data

Golden article for the Healthcare people. Processing individual(s)’ health data will soon be subject to stricter requirements after enactment of the EU GDPR.
Consent must be given clearly, freely, explicitly, informed and must agree on all purposes. An additional one must be approved by the individual and this cannot be covered in advance.

Exceptions are:
– that of scientific reserch (given the impossibility to foresee all posisble studies),
– that of anonymised data (but the threshold is really high in EU: it must be absolutely impossible using the top-notch technology and a professional company’s resources), and
– to prevent public outcries.


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Wetsvoorstel winstuitkering zorgverzekeraars aangenomen

Interesting development in the Dutch Healthcare Law: when the current system had been set up, the government foresaw a ban on profits distribution to shareholders, given the public interest of social healthcare.

The ban has been extended from time to time and the nth extension is about to arrive.

The original purpose of this law was to force companies to lower their premium but this is not automatically the outcome. In fact, in order to preserve quality and accessibility, the law also prohibits profits to be used to lower premia.

Last but not least, this makes it harder for new players to enter this market.

Is it just, is it not? What is just? To be or not to be?


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Privacy bij online zelftests niet goed afgeschermd

Some websites (CZ, Menzis and Trimbos) offer medical tests online but their Privacy Policy are not the best ones, watch out!
More specificallly:

  • connection is insecure.
  • cookies may be placed without users’ consent.

One of the possible consequences may be third parties breaching in your life, offering you products to solve your diseases, spamming or even blackmailing you.

What can you do?

  • First off, check my post where I advice on how not being tracked by Facebook and similar internet service providers.
  • Provide as many true data as possible. if necessary, allows you to create temporary e-mail addresses.