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Online divorce will soon be possible in the Netherlands.


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Scope for ban in Islamic headscarves in the workplace remains limited

Again on the recent ruling from the EUCJ, this time with nice considerations:

  • Review why the dress code is necessary and identifying the legitimate aim of the policy;
  • Re-considering the scope of the code and what the justification is for its different elements;
  • Assess whether employees or employee representatives should be involved in discussions about the code;
  • Ensure the arrangements in place to ensure that the code is applied consistently and systematically across the business; and
  • Decide the extent of flexibility allowed within the code, where exceptions are made and checking that any flexibility is being managed consistently across the business.


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Verbod op hoofddoek toegestaan…

Prohibition of headscarves allowed…if it violates an internal regulation of neutral dressing, ruled the EUCJ.

The case took place in Belgium, where an employee of a security company wanted to wear her headscarf all the time, while the company demanded a neutral outfit that would not expose people ideas on politics, life, religions and sexual orientation.