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Uber boss Travis Kalanick knew of stolen Google files

Waymo (read Google) states that the proprietary information is clear within Uber’s project.

Uber admitted that when Lewandowsky started its new role at Uber, he had 5 disks of information from Google.

Uber admitted its CEO knew about Lewandowsky bringing proprietary information to Uber, but still denies responsibility and alleges that Uber asked the engineer to desist from bringing such proprietary information.

Lesson of the day: however you are doing in a lawsuit, always deny.


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Law à la Mode: INTA 2017 edition

Review from DLA Piper, treating:

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The dangers of unused trademarks

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Facing the legal challenges of open innovation in the fashion sector


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Judge blocks top Uber engineer from working on key self-driving technology amid battle with Alphabet

If a divine justice exists, that’s the living proof.

Remember the famous lawsuit Google v. Uber? Uber has acquired Otto, a company founded by a former top engineer of Google (actually of Waymo, it’s department working on self-driving cars).

Google accused Uber of theft of proprietary information and breach of trade secrets. The judge himself stated that the amount of evidence colllected by Google was impressive. And it actually was! The court ruled firstly that Uber could not transfer the litigation to a private arbitration (keeping it secret, ay!) and finally that the engineer cannot work for Uber.

No wonder Google is doing great on the Nasdaq right now!