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Naast Ziggo en XS4ALL moeten ook andere internet service providers The Pirate Bay blokkeren

Now even KPN, Tele2, Zeelandnet and CAIW have to comply to the ban within 10 days.


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How Much Will the GDPR Change Consumer Technology?

The main obstacle for tech companies will probably be the consent, which s required clean and free for all sort of operations.

Needless to mention, data privacy too will be a big hurdle: not only names and surnames, but also device ID and IP address.


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Augmented Reality: a new legal frontier for marketing?

In the UK the current Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP code) by the Advertisinng Standards Authority, there is no explicit mention of AR/VR.


  • Regarding the “Electronic cigarette advertising prohibitions” , the same authority above explicitly includes “in-game advertisements (including AR and VR environments)”, and
  • even in lack of guidance, the current legal discipline describes marketing communications (i.e. advertisements) as ‘obviously identifiable as such’, therefore even a non-inclusive list of media may not stand this test.


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Overeenkomst over domeinregistratie mag stilzwijgend worden verlengd

Again from teh Netherlands: can a domain be silently renewed?

IN this case ,the consumer appealed to the Van Dam law, which applies to consumer contracts and bans tacit renewals and limits such contracts to max 1 year.

Yet, does the domain provision apply to such law?

According to the Court, not, since a plain domain (without mailbox and additional service) is seen as a single service. This is a one-off and not a subscription that renews periodically (?).