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Is international arbitration really more expensive?

Interesting point: arbitration is often much quicker, which means less lawyers’ costs and more time, whose value is uncountable for many.

Furtermore, one has to tak einto acocunt the litigation/arbitration venue: it’s well known that US lawyers ar every pricey (therefore Arbitration may better suit one’s purpose), while Brazilian ones are much cheaper (therefore normal legal proceedings may be a better opportunity).


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Uber’s London license appeal to be heard next year

The Chief magistrate hopes to be able to listen to the hearing by 30/4/2018, which means Uber will be allowed to run (temporarily) until that date and beyond, until fulfilment of the appeal.


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Dutch lawyer warns companies against using British system for disputes

Dutch courts are less expensive, more tech-savvy and less burdensome then British courts when it comes to litigation.

Considering the uncertianty generated by rexit and the upcoming NCC (Dutch Commercial Court), as well as worldwide reputation and heuight in justive rankings and efficiency, why turning to UK courts?