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Simple Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books

Management tip of the day: firstly, share your intention: Doing so enhances our behaviour into doing something we committed to.

Secondly, don’t be afraid of skipping one book and just look at it as a chance to discover the next gem.

Last but not least, bring that book with you; next time you line up for a queue or wait for the transport to reach destination, you may well replace your facebook-scrolling with a healthy reading.


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Leaders Don’t Have to Be Isolated

The great Management tip of the day: when you are a CEO or a C-Suite member, you are more likely to live in a bubble. Having people intermediate your actions, your work and more puts you far off from the company life. Instead, try to have meeting with lower level employees, try to undertand how they work, try taking some of their tasks and get a better grip on the company.


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6 workplace communication mistakes to avoid

The management tip of the day:

  • speak soon at meeting. If you score one intervention in the first third, you are more likely to be seen as a contributor,
  • defensive statements cause you an apparent loss of confidence (“I may be wrong”, “I may forget something”),
  • tag lines (“ok?”, “do you agree?”) also cause you an apparent loss of confidence,
  • over-apologissing does it with credibility
  • moving a lot; it may seem like you are nervous and/or unprepared,
  • turning down praises


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Avoid ‘talented terrors’: Hire for attitude

Great tip for recruiters and one of the best quotes:

“If you don’t have a good attitude, we don’t want you, no matter how skilled you are. We can change skill level through training. We can’t change attitude.” — Herb Kelleher, co-founder of Southwest Airlines

Mark Murphy wrote Hiring for Attitude where he highlights that  how  46% of new hires fail within 18 months of being hired. Reasons are technical skills in only 11% of the cases and 89% for attitudinal reasons.


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6 ways to kill a conversation fast

Management input of the day:

  • ask way too many questions
  • do not ask any question at all
  • let the other speaker do all the chat
  • keep on drifting the conversation on a different topic you want to focus on
  • support your point whenever it’s possible (and beyond)
  • manage the conversation all on your own

You may want to master these tips next time you do not want a conversation to get over soon.


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13 office faux pas you’ve committed for the last time


1- do not complain about temperature at the office

2- avoid the “I won’t come 1 minute earlier than 9, I won’t leave 1 minute later than 5”

3- Repeting your ocunterparty’s name in a cionversation (potentially aggressive)

4- avoid the “please, remind me that (..)”

5- echoing gossip by twisting details. Do not favour false narratives

6- avoid the “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

7- do not interrupt people

8- overflowing people on Monday morning with your tales

9- cruel humour

10- being the one to walk faster than the others

11- do not write farewell cards in a too sqaured, nor too odd manner

12- avoid bothering IT. Try rebooting your pc first.