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10 tips to improve your proofreading

Management tip of the day. I allowed myself to reorder these tips:

Walk away from your writing before you proofread it. –> refresh and reset your mind

Use spell-check, but don’t rely on it. –> never a guarantee, but still a potential help

View the content in a new format + Change the font or margins –> I can confirm it based on my experience. Incredible how helpful this can be

Read the content aloud. –> old but gold


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November 22, 2017 Transform Setbacks into Possibilities by Shifting Your Mindset

Another golden managemetn tip from Harvard Business Review, focused on negative events.

Sometimes these can have an immediate negative impact but can grant a beneficial effect in the long-term, so why frenzying on the spot?

The advice, in this case, is to objectively analyse the first drawbacks and abstract them from the situation itself. Also, try to think on how this situation could be good to you and which opportunities it can lead you to.