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New rules for audiovisual media services approved by European Parliament

Among the new rules:

  • 30+% of catalogues must go to European content (exemptions can apply);
  • duty to undertake appropriate measures to limit content inciting violence, hatred and terrorism + to quickly react when content is reported as harmful;
  • stricter rules on broadcasting advertising and product placement in children’s TV programmes; and
  • stricter guidelines in order to ensure that personal data about children which they collect are not processed for commercial use;


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Law firms/gender pay gap: disparity clarity

Based on the recently-enacted UK law, companies based in the United Kingdom with 250 or more employee must issue their gender-gap report every year, granted.

What’s less clear is the kind of data analysed: in this FT article, law firms allegedly didn’t include partner-level employee in the final overview, which inclusion would have widened the gap THREE times.

Eg. Clifford Change would have gone from 20% to 66%, Linklaters from 23% to 60% and A&O from 20% to 60%. Moreover, Freshfields from 14% to 56%.