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Deloitte Will Acquire Part of US Law Firm in New Legal Venture


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Law firms/gender pay gap: disparity clarity

Based on the recently-enacted UK law, companies based in the United Kingdom with 250 or more employee must issue their gender-gap report every year, granted.

What’s less clear is the kind of data analysed: in this FT article, law firms allegedly didn’t include partner-level employee in the final overview, which inclusion would have widened the gap THREE times.

Eg. Clifford Change would have gone from 20% to 66%, Linklaters from 23% to 60% and A&O from 20% to 60%. Moreover, Freshfields from 14% to 56%.


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10 Tips for the New GC Hired From Outside

1- get to know your peers reporting to the CEO,

2-avoid being labelled as only the “legal”,

3-try to find the star lawyer in your department,

4-introduce and discuss your working method and purpose

5-avoid upfront cuts in personnel,

6-stress your boardroom presence,

7-get your hands dirty in the business of your company (and remove your hat of legal),


9-track the ones in your department that do not collaborate.


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Universities must be ‘held accountable’ for law grad oversupply

Oversupply of law diplomas is a fact that I personally had foreseen and criticised years ago when I was graduating.

I’m glad to see higher political ranks have eyed this matter. Turnbull in Oz claimed the onus should pend onto univerisities for allowing undue number of students to enroll for law.

Other than draining workforce, it is not allowing an efficientl allocation of human resources into sectors lacking employees.