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Where winning is everything: the renewal of fixed-term contracts in professional sports

South-Africa: do reassurances work as a promire of renewal? It is possible, but such statements must come out from soeone empowered and authorised to do so.


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TOP FINDINGS Working Conditions in Professional Football

For those who wouldn’t expect it, “labour” conditions of football players are not as shining as the lights on CR7 and Messi.

Roughly 45% of professional football players earn less than USD $1,000 a month.
29% are unwillingly forced to change their clubs; 15% are victims of bullying, harassment or other forms of abuse, including physical violence.
Less than 2% earns more than 790’000 USD $.
41% experience late payments and 1 player per team in average is approached by match-fixers at least once in the career.


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Valencian Football Clubs have to pay back more than EUR 30 million of state aid. Professional sport clubs should be aware of the European State aid rules!

Loan guarantees from the Valancian regional government have been declared (4/10/2016) illegal state aid; the involved clubs are Valencia CF, Elche and Hercules.

NExt targets are, allegedly, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao and Athletic Osasuna.