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Red flags and white whales: Beware of problem clients

Your gut-feeling gets self-refined with the ageing and the gained experience, so never dismiss it plainly. Here are some red-flags about clients demanding legal aid:

* Continuous requests of assurances and predictions about the cost of the legal services. The risk is that of micro-managing and excessive focus –> Make sure the client can agree to a realistic timetable and a reasonable fee.

* Seek for revenge since these may lead to arguable tactics.

* A matter out of your legal range of expertise.

* Having changed lawyers more than twice –> either your previous colleague screwed things up or the cllient did.

* A consistent history of alcoholism, DUIs, drug use, gambling, a weak job one or financial issues.

* reticence or impulsivity and rejection of your second-thoughts/questions. Likewise, passivity can be a red flag too.

* Failure to follow a lawyer’s advice, or provide him/her with the due information.


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In-house counsel survival guide

The key take-aways I brought from this article are:

  • being an in-house for a company selling a product you like is a totally different story and helps you a very lot,
  • in-house lawyers and firm lawyers differ also in terms of personality, where the latter tend to have a bigger ego. Within a corporatioon, in-house are merely a cost-centre, while sales are the star and the profit-centre.


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Facing privacy suits about facial recognition

Collection of such personal data is on the rise, especially at platforms and tech companies like Facebook and Apples.
Cases and legislation is increasgin too, therefore companies are recommended to keep an eye on it.

The case in this article reverts on (among the other points) whether collection of biometric data from photos stored online can be included in the range of application of the law of Illinois.

Watch out: similar legislation is currently enacted in Texas, Illinois and Texas and similar one is being discussed in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Alaska, Montana and Michigan.